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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
My bold.

There's the rub, right there. Love is infinite. One can deeply love more than one person at once. Can't you deeply love your sister and your mother? Doesnt a parent (ideally) love each child as deeply as if it was her only child?

To continue the child metaphor...

Many mothers who become pregnant a second time do wonder if they can possibly love the 2nd child as much as they do the first. Once the baby comes, they do. Then of course, at first there is NRE between the mother and the newborn, and she must make an effort to pay enough attention to the older child. But once the dust settles, this become effortless.

It can seem like more work parenting/loving 2 children, but in the long run, having 2 (or more) kids, is actually good for everyone... the siblings entertain each other, learn from each other, and the parents get to see the first child is her own person (as is the 2nd child), born w unique qualities, and not just a product of their (im)perfect parenting.

I totally respect that you think that. But, as I'm still trying to make sense of things, I noticed a difference between myself and Erato. Her love is infinite in that she can expand it for multiple people, partake in it completely. I think mine is infinite in that I feel no need or even want to expand on it with any other person. Being with her, I'm happy with everyone in my life as being just friends. I fulfill her needs in our relationship completely, but I don't fill them in others, yet she's able to pursue those others to fulfill them while I'm not able. However, she fulfills my needs as well as my needs around every other woman I could be interested in.

So, I guess she spreads her own infinite love to other people, I spread mine in a different way. I spread it to fill gaps with other people, without spreading it to the other people. Because I don't want it, I'm not interested in the extra work/risks/energy spent involved in having multiple partners (both balancing them and just the normal work for maintaining any relationship) for something I feel I already have with Erato. If that makes sense?
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