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Default Ooh, so much love!

Seriously, thank you everyone! If this flu shall not be the death of me, I have received so much warm-hearted and totally valid advice I can keep on another decade of poly with this!

Not been posting for a while since wasn't sure exactly how to formulate. But yeah, my second polyship is now over. His call, not mine. And what did we learn?

1) Orgasms are just that - orgasms. They do not great sex make. What makes sex great again?
2) Enthusiasm. Without enthusiasm over your partner and that 'OMG we're having sex this is SOO exciting I can't wait for you to take your clothers off' feeling sex feels like assisted masturbation. And I hear they make toys for that.
3) What makes sex horrible, provided it's consensual and reasonably safe and sane? Feeling like you are an item to be ticked off on someone's 'To Do'-list.

And finally, I shall quote Ms. Germaine Greer;

'I'd rather be in no relationship than be in a bad relationship, and rather have no sex than have bad sex.'

Hear hear!
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