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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post

Very interesting !
So what do you think this 'something' is ?
And are you meaning to say that you could - or couldn't - 'cancel' that 'something' from your life like you imply that you can cancel your definition of love ?

Love to understand this more........ (oops ! )

And this....

So maybe love is really more of an umbrella term made up of various component parts ?
So if I were for example to pick one - say compassion - is it safe for me to say that if I feel deep compassion for someone, that I 'love' them ? Would that be accurate ?


No - That would be like saying that because you feel insecure you are jealous. When really you are jealous, and the feeling underlying that could be insecurity.

That "something" is the compassion, etc. that I listed earlier. I think empathy, appreciation, compassion, etc. are important aspects of love. BUT just because I have empathy for someone, certainly doesn't mean I love them. Just google "love is a choice" you will see a ton of stuff come up on that topic.

Furthermore, I think people have alot more control over thier emotions than they realize. I think there are times that you can choose to be happy, sad, angry, resentful, etc. Then there are times you cannot (medical depression) or times when it is certainly harder (death of a loved one).

Sometimes I choose to be sad, even if I do not want to be... Because I feel there are times when it is warranted and actually healthy to live in that emotion for a while. Other times i say "fuck off" to it.

This is all my opinion, of course... and how I try to live my life.
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