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I am 26, female, married to a wonderful man. We have one child (a 5-year-old boy) and are hoping to have another at some point. I am submissive by nature, and extremely so with my husband.

I am in a new relationship with a second equally-wonderful fellow. (B, for the purpose of these forums.) He brings out the part of me that enjoys being in control. The men are becoming friends, which is helpful.

We're working on building a family. My husband has talked with a couple of people he is considering becoming involved with, but thus far it's just the three of us. We've been open with our son, and introduced our extended family to our (now ex-) girlfriend.

I'm big on being open about my life, and not making a big deal out of being 'different.' Hubby is a little more on the conservative side, and would rather not tell people until it's 'safe.' B seems to be fearful of the judgment his friends and family will make about us. This puts me in the awkward position of being much less open than I am comfortable with, but I'm willing to take things so to make my men happy.
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