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I'm lionchess. I'm discovered polyamory and open relationships through the disaster of a previous relationship and by reading books... Ethical slut and opening up. I am In a live in relationship now that is open however due to difficulties encountered since both of us are new at this we went through a closed phase. Came to this website now because I thought we had the conversation that opened us back up and I was assumptive and misunderstood what was happening and well messed up... Looking to read the forums and find help in navigating everything. Just seeking good information. I couldn't label how long I have known this man I love or been dating we kind of just slowly grew together. Hopefully we can get over this and keep growing. Regardless I know it is not wise to keep trying to do things without connecting to a community of like minded individuals so that I have a resource of opinions to pull from. Trying to get connected and learn!
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