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Originally Posted by stargazer23 View Post
He said "Like what? I act like this all the time. Don't worry about me, let's just be friends, okay?"


I'm doin it wrong.
Hi Stargazer,

Ouch is right <<grin>>

The world is what it is. Knowledge of poly is still uncommon and there's a LOT of mis-perceptions associated with it.
It's a topic you have to kind of sneak up on - and avoid stereotyped terms/phrases. Like "poly" lol

At some point in an early relationship - but not (in my experience anyway) in the first date or two - the topic will drift around to views on "fidelity". And usually sexual preference too. At this point, tossing out a comment like " I don't believe monogamy is natural to humans - or necessarily the best model" is enough to launch the discussion - OR - draw the reaction you got from this guy.

Then you take it from there

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