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Hi SNeacail,

Why does it have to be monogamous? I think I'm just built that way. The situation I'm in now was far from design. And although its mostly working, I wouldn't choose poly again. (However, earlier today, I was joking that we just need to find another boyfriend to add to the mix that both she and I will fall madly in love with AND who will turn out to be his best friend. I think that makes us Pegasus hunters )

And absolutely, my friendship with Lia is worth working on. We've been friends for 20 years. I love her. And I think having some just girl time is probably the way to go. I keep thinking that I need to get to (back to) all three of us hanging out. I feel like that would be easiest for Mac and let's face it, our relationship with Mac may not be a zero sum game, but time with him certainly is. But, he's not pushing for that. i don't know why I feel like I need to get there on his behalf if he hasn't even asked me to.

Do you guys think its unreasonable... unwise... to want to take a break from talking about everything all the time? I don't mean forever... and I would never refuse to address anything that anyone needed to talk about immediately. But I feel like the constant analysis is overkill. I'd really like to just go lose myself in something fun without the pressure of feeling like we need to resolve something.

OK, I think that's what I'm gonna do. Figure out a really fun activity and see if she'll be up for it.
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