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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
NRE should never let you diss your primary. When I have NRE w a new partner, I always make sure I give my gf *extra* love and talks and dates. Not out of duty, either; but b/c her love supports my ability to be poly, and to grow socially, and I love the heck out of her for supporting me like this.
I totally agree with this. I knew I liked you. You're well grounded, yet still free as a bird and open minded. Just awesome.

I am experiencing NRE, even though I have known my gf for over 2 years now. We have been in a sexual relationship for at least a year and a half of it. The last 6 months or so though, no sex between us. It has been more of a relationship building time for us...To cultivate OUR relationship....But while doing this, I make sure to shower my wife with more love than ever. For without her, I would not, and could not be happy.
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