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I completely understand. Sometimes my husband asks me for permission for the silliest things, and I'm always so confused and worried about how I must come across sometimes that he feels he needs to ask permission for those things.

It could be that he feels he needs your permission as a form of endorsement and support, more than "asking mom if it's ok to come out and play." I would just mention that you "felt funny" about being asked for permission like you were his mom, and that you don't want to see yourself in that role.

*giggles* I love the range of people on here, from "I fully support him and I don't want him to feel like he needs permission" to "how could he just do this without asking me first if it's ok?" ... you can certainly see where they get the idea that they should ask first, and personally I think it's better that he's playing it safe than sorry... I'm sure you're a lot less offended being asked for permission than you would have been if you HAD wanted to be asked, and you WEREN'T... if THAT makes any sense...
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