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I'd be happy to have more of what I call "intimate friends" than I do. I could easly have five or six in the innermost circle!

(I don't use the term "intimacy" as a synonym for sex, as Mono has been doing. Intimacy is closeness, honesty, openness, expressivenes, vulnerability, truth-telling....)

Actually, I met one of my most intimate friends here in this forum! -- though he lives in England and I in the USA. (Here he is!: We live-chatted and emailed daily for what must have been many weeks, and now we do all of that every other day or after several days--week at most. This has been for months and months, now. This has been my most intimate relationship which hasn't been face-to-face. Sometimes it really bothers me that we can't simply go for a walk or hike together, or meet at the local pub for a brew! But he plans to visit with me
f2f come next summer -- crossing the ocean and meeting me on this side of the pond!
male, bisexual & biamorous
1 long term male partner of many years.
1 newly forming additional connection (maybe?).

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