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Default Coming out

We sort of have and sort of haven't come out. J's parents know and seem ok with it as long as R and I don't PDA in front of them. Cool.

My sisters know I am into new adventures in relating so they don't care but it wasn't a big deal.

R's parents don't know. He feels like his mom would be ok but not his dad. We are also sort of out on facebook. When we joined there wasn't an "open relationship" designation so when that changed J changed his relationship status. I did too to show unity and the boyfriend remains "committed" or whatever. We had a couple of comments and some questions which we answered privately. My sponsor was a little worried but after I explained my position it was cool.

The kids don't care and would rather not know and they are grown so it's irrelevant. So not a big deal for us. My relationship with R is LDR though so maybe that makes a difference. He introduces me as his Girlfriend and that's that, he says if they want to know more he will tell them but it hasn't come up. J and I will be taking our first trip together to see R in his town so no doubt he will go in Tuesday morning to questions but we will see. His people may not even notice.
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