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Question Seeking Advice...

So, I'm going to try and not make this very long, as I seem to have a habit of doing with most of my posts as of late. Forgive me tho if it does become somewhat wordy.

The questions I'm seeking advice on is this;
Are common-law polyamory relationships legal now in Canada?
And if so, is it possible to sponsor someone as a conjugal partner into Canada?

A bit of background on this;
As I mentioned in my introduction, I'm married and have been for 7 1/2 years, and just recently became polyamorous, having just started a relationship with my girlfriend. Now, I'm aware it will sound like I'm seeking this information a bit too soon, however, this is more of just a fact finding thing.

The reason I even have been looking into this, is my girlfriend, doesn't exactly live in a good environment and I worry for her. Polyamory is still not a widely accepted lifestyle of course, but that's not the cause of her grief. It's the fact that she is essentially bisexual. I'll summarize it up to the fact, that I honestly fear for her, due to this situation and leaving the situation is very difficult. Moving to a different country might very well be the only truly safe option she has, as she cannot deny who she is. And she shouldn't have to.

I am of course looking at many options, and it's all rather difficult to find something that would work well. She's 19, and not exactly well off. Nor am I. And in the midst of all this I found the information regarding the BC case that had to do with polygamy and polyamory. Unfortunately it is all a little confusing, at least the conclusion of what is legal and what is not. At least in so far as being clear on what is legal for polyamorists. And days of googling haven't wielded any clear answers either.

So if anyone would have some advice for me I would greatly appreciate it. Even better would be if my questions could be answered.

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