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Originally Posted by MindfulAgony View Post
What has surprised me is the lack of consideration and care displayed in the ending of the relationship. It seems that there are some pretty firm "rules" in breaking up with a monogomous girlfriend/boyfriend (e.g., after X amount of time you can't do it on the phone....). These "rules" - at least in my experience - have been followed pretty well.

It feels to me like these women have ended our relationship as if I shouldn't care. As if the 8-10 months of connecting would only amount to the loosest of connections that don't deserve consideration of impact.
Gosh, I'm so sorry!

It's clear to me that poly relationships ought in every way be treated like mono relationships, except for the obvious difference that there are more people involved. What's with people who think that poly folk don't have hearts? Do we not have the same red blood? Do we not love, not feel?

Seems lots of folks think that if we have at least one steady partner that we oughta take loss and disappointment with a grain of salt, as if it were no thing. But loss and disappointment feels just the same regardless, and it hurts. And folks oughta respect that.

Again, sorry for the loss, and the lack of respect and kindness. It hurts.
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