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Smile Hi forum! :D

Hello all!

I'm a 20-something current grad-student who has been familiar with the idea of poly relationships for quite a while (probably around 10 years--I was a precocious reader. Heh), and who has always found them to be just as logical as two-person relationships. I can't say that I prefer one over the other, just that my reaction to love triangles in stories and books has always been "idiot--just date both". I am, however, personally only really into the idea of long-term, stable relationships, whatever form they take. One-night stands and casual stuff ain't my cuppa, though I totally understand and appreciate that others really like them.

Currently I'm in the middle of a situation that might (or might not--the signals are a tad weird) be developing into a triad. I say "might not" because often it feels like we are really moving in that direction (or already there emotionally), and some times it feels like I'm the third wheel (which might be normal at this stage. Not like there are people I can talk about this with often ). I shall endeavor to explain the weirdness of the situation in a later post in the proper area of the forum.

Any who, figured I'd stop by and say hi!
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