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Sounds to me like things happened a little to fast.

If you want to only be involved with people who are out of the closet....that`s one thing.

If you choose to help people come out of the closet, that is another. These things take time, understanding parties, really examining if it`s in someones best interest, and how to handle rebuttals.

There are many shades of grey, and I`m almost embarassed for anyone who thinks it boils down to 'weak-willed people'.

Sounds like it boiled down to caring, frightened people, who didnt have the tools and abilities to cope with the backlash. They probably lacked the resources of experienced-conviction to handle the onslaught.

'strong-willed' people are made fools of anytime, they debate something they lack experience in.

As for America,...I haven`t a fricken clue. We`re not all American, so I have no comment there.
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