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Hi Amobrasil,

Please don't take this the wrong way. I don't know any better way than somewhat directly.

Your post is filled with the naivety of youth. Lessons will and do come. They always do. In all our Utopian dreams we often find ugly reality hidden.

They way you all proceeded with this doomed it to complications if not failure. Next time you'll be wiser

There's always this whole idealistic piece , especially when it comes to alternatives, that wants us to try to live 'authentically'. That's an honorable concept on paper. In reality and practice it can come at quite a cost. As you all now see. You have to be able to bear that cost. At that time and place. Some things need to grow slowly to get solid roots capable of withstanding storms to come. Make sense ?

Is "America" - or western society in general "ready" for a different model ?
I think we (most) are 'ready' - but unawares and unprepared. So in the end, I guess you say we are not in fact 'ready'.

We wish.
We hope.
We dream.

But we often fail because we want it all for nothing.

Don't want to do the learning.
Don't want to do the 'work'.
Don't want to endure some discomfort and pain. (no pain/no gain)

Things they are a changin however

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