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Damn. Just typed a response and lost it. So here it goes again.

1. Regarding the threesome. Everyone went into that with eyes wide open and rules. It was all about fun and sex. Rule was if there were feelings developing (during threesome or outside of threesone) she was to tell me immediately so it would be able to be addressed. It's not like we didnt talk about the risk. We did. And we had an agreement. Instead of adhering to that agreement she chose to keep her feelings a secret And worse, pull away from me.

So I am guilty of being naive and trusting her. I should have known that, given her state of mind and past history, this is what would happen.

2. Regarding the 'suck it up and be an adult' theme I see in the responses. I have to say she works hard forthe kids. The schedule Nd logistics are crazy most of the time. And doing it alone would drive anyone crazy. I appreciate all she does and I understand her frustratiOn. But I don't agree with her solution. I dont run from my problems. And I respect the dEals I have mDe with people I love. I wish she could see that I love and support her no matter what. But the newness of him is too powerful and she is lovestruck.

I am sure that she would paint a slightly different story if she posted here. But the general story would be consistent with what I have written.
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