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Originally Posted by Danny40179 View Post
I see. Well for starters I think it's easier to find a man that's willing to be a bit more open about this lifestyle than women. I lucked out when I found our gf, but aside from her, there aren't too many women out there keen on the idea of my lifestyle.
Yeah, most of the couples I've talked to, the woman has more dates than the man. :/ I already had trouble finding dates because I'm so shy. Now it's going to be even harder.

I think it's nice that she's trying to be supportive, but I think maybe she needs to go about it a different way? Telling you that you're not living up to your potential isn't necessarily a great way to give someone a pat on the back.

And, while I know she's not doing anything wrong, maybe she can slow down a bit more so you can feel a bit more comfortable? I know that may not seem fair, but one thing I learned in this lifestyle is that you have to go at the pace of the slowest individual.
She was already doing that, though. She keeps volunteering to limit herself to make it easier on me, but then I just feel guilty. She hadn't seen anyone else in several weeks, so I suggested the date she went on last Tuesday, and felt 100% good about it, but then she just followed through with a bunch of other ones, too. It's fine; I just need reassurance or something. Or I need to learn to be more aggressive myself, which I wanted to do anyway.
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