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Originally Posted by cuddlecakes View Post
I haven't been on a date in months, I get up the nerve to first contact some girls on OkC, and no responses, no stalkers. She says I shouldn't compare myself to others, I'm too picky, etc., but some of her boys are equally busy with other girls, and I can't help but compare myself with them.
As long as you're comparing yourself to your girlfriend and to these other guys your initial emails are going to probably sound desperate (no matter how much you don't want them to). Sometimes taking a step back and just enjoying life is a good thing. Contact those on OKC who you are truly interested in (and not just because they're female, poly and in the right age bracket) and then go out and do things that you like to do. Don't worry about whether contact with women is going to lead to a date or not. Once you're really into you you'll find that other people are into you as well.
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