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Originally Posted by Hannahfluke View Post
Well, those of us raised Mormon know all about the RLDS. The evil people who didn't follow Brigham Young after Joseph Smith died (I am being a sarcastic and mean no disrespect to anyone who is RLDS, that's just the way it's usually classified in the Mormon church, if not officially, at least socially).
Yep, I know. My mom's family is from Independence, Mo. All of them are in the priesthood of the RLDS church. I myself-although baptized RLDS, can't handle organized religion. Ah well, guess that's all I can say to that!

Originally Posted by disillusioned View Post
I'm a poly DSLR person myself....

(I have both Canon 5D and Nikon D90 ("poly") most people go with one or the other.... I wish Canon and Nikon people could be friends but, you know how it is... human nature)
LMAO, I have a Nikon D5000. My brother has the D90. I'm not too motivated to do the lense swap thing, though I do have two for my 5000. I'm damn sure too lazy to have two cameras-regardless of brand!
But-my whole family is into photography (except me) so I lmao at your statement, as my dad probably has both as well.
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