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Originally Posted by onoma View Post
So of course everyone has doubts sometimes. I'm slowly heading towards polyamory, but I'm currently in a monogamous relationship that I don't really want to give up. I do love her and sometimes I can see being with her forever, but I'm not sure I can see never wanting to be with anyone else.

Added to that is the fact that in the past I've been pretty terrible at meeting women. I think I'd be better now but...

I worry about giving up something good for this big unknown, and then even finding that I only think I'm poly.

Finally, I'm actually kind of a closed-off person. I'm not super social and I don't do a good job of maintaining friend relationships. A lot of times I'd really rather just be left alone... and even the time/effort involved with one girlfriend seems like so much that how could I possibly be this close to two women?

So I was wondering what other people might have doubts about regarding their lifestyle.
My doubt is whether or not I can keep my mouth shut when I should. I'm not closed off, at least I don't like to be. I, just tonight, met a lovely man in the grocery store because I just randomly started talking to him about the magazine covers (he was standing behind me in line).
But more I worry about work. I just went to Vegas with First bf. I told people at work I was going with him, I've discussed that I'm friends with him before and some (most?) know he's an ex. 'oh Current bf has to work' I'd be so much better off not discussing it. I won't get fired, but it would just be better not to share.

and my inclination is to tell you some things to help you not worry, and I'm resisting that, because it's not what you asked.
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