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Originally Posted by fayknight View Post
We have been thinking about attending a poly meet-up for a while now but are a little nervous about the "swinger" stigma we've run into (from individuals) before ... Is that normally a problem at poly events or is it just from certain people?
It's unfortunate to hear, but I suppose it does happen with some individuals. However I don't think any reasonably well run event would feature stigmatizing anyone, especially if you're there to meet and learn and see what poly is about.

The only time I could see a bad reaction would be if someone showed up to an event to start poaching, or hitting on new people without regard for the community norms...and it wouldn't matter if they called themselves swingers or poly or a platypus; they probably wouldn't be invited back. It doesn't sound like you're a poacher, so you should be good.

So yeah, hopefully you can leave the unpleasantness of a couple individuals behind, as I believe it's likely the exception rather than the rule.
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