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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
And this is bad because? Can't it be strokes for you?

"Yay! I am loveable! Unfortunate that the wants, needs and limits don't line up right yet, but I am loveable!"
About this. This is also especially hurtful sometimes because I feel like being poly makes me unloveable. That if I was mono and I felt like I only had room in my heart for one person only, then all of them would want to date me. If I consider my love to be so great that I want to love all of them--then I can date none of them, because then they don't want me anymore. Not if I'm poly. And this is especially baffling because I thought that love is something to be encouraged rather than limited...but what society is telling me is that to be a loveable human being, you must only have enough room in your heart for one person...that you must love less.
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