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Default Can this work?!?

I've been a lurker on this site for quite a while...probably a little over a year to be exact. I've been married to my husband for 17 years & we have 2 children living at home with us. Our oldest son (my son; my husband's stepson) is already moved out of the house. We've had many threesomes (MFF) and struggled with jealousy and mixed emotions on my part. Three years ago he started dating a woman on the side. We had many ups & downs, lies, roads with more potholes & speed bumps than I can really even get into without this intro going on forever. Fast fw'd to last year we decided to try to make it work the three of us. It seemed to be going well for a couple months but still a lot of fighting, jealousy and arguments over time with him and so many other obstacles. We decided to call it quits (her & I) at the end of last year. He continued his relationship with her. My main struggles are sharing my 'wife' status with someone else. We divide our time with him almost evenly but she doesn't interact with our family and friends. We have recently started talking again (her and I) but we seem to be going in circles. There is still a constant battle over time with him, who does what, goes where, etc. I feel like I genuinely want to be part of a triad & don't know if it's not working because she simply isn't the right person (we are very different & seem to have to try really hard to get along) or because of their long history without me being involved. OPINIONS, ADVICE desperately needed pls!!
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