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Originally Posted by xbemlffx View Post
hello. I just wanted to introduce our/myself. We are a married couple just looking to explore the possibility of starting new relationships either platonic or romantic. What ever happens happens...=). I like to think that we are both pretty cheery and outgoing. We have been married for almost 3 years and together for just over 5. I personally am very excited to get to know some people who wont think were total freaks when we mention that we want to date other people lol. We have never been in a poly relationship although it's been something often discussed and occasionally tried (with very little to no success). I think it's something we both have wanted but we would both be just as content if it doesn't. I hope to be pretty active here and hope to meet some awesome people =)
Hmm that is interesting Xbem. Not least, to me, for the fact that you have only been together a very short time. Was the idea of being with other people something that was there right at the beginning for you two?
I look forward to reading how you get on and knowing more about you.
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