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I also note that I am having some key astrological transits at this time:
  • Jupiter has just entered my 8th house (sex, death, rebirth, transformation, breaking down old structures, shared resources);
  • Asteroid Lilith is currently exactly opposing my natal Venus (love and relationships being confronted by dark, feminine forces of retribution);
  • Black Moon Lilith is currently opposing its natal position in my chart - 1st house (ouch);
  • My Moon progresses to Scorpio on 1 November.

These are just a few astrological indicators that I am having a rough time on the relationship front.

Me: A, male, 39.
Her: S, female, 36, my LTR of 14 yrs.
A and S both straight.
Ours: one beautiful 3 yr old child.

Relationship status: recently opened.

Mine: not yet
Hers: B, male, 38, straight. A past love interest of S (unconsummated, with close calls) recently back in S's life.
B married to K, both mono. B has only hints of our open status.
B would probably have an affair with S if she pursued it - she is very sexy and seductive
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