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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
Now J is all mopey because he didn't get his kink on. I'm processing some anger/annoyance that J prioritized his date who flaked out on, not really a big deal, I just feel like whining about it.
I could see being annoyed because of the negative affect it could have on my partner, but that would be the same as if they had a bad day at work or got into an argument with a buddy. For IV, she works so much that she gets sleep deprived and overwhelmed, which can affect her mood negatively. I don't get irritated about her job because... well it's not my job and she is fully capable of making adjustments if it is making her unhappy.

As far as cancelling my plans for something that never ended up happening: as you noted it was your choice to cancel your plans when you could just as easily have followed through with them. Plans fall through for all kinds of reasons so there's nothing really to be upset about as far as I can tell.

Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
J's date canceled because one of her partners "had a problem with it."
The motivation is irritating and it would be descriptive of your partner if they continued to date someone who was under someone elses control. Personally I would have none of that, but if IV decided she wanted to date someone like that it would be her call. I would find that odd and would learn something new about her I hadn't known before... but it wouldn't change much on my end.
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