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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
It's ok, and I think even good for people who ARE NOT in the position of having to protect a child to "carry the battle" so to speak while those who must protect the children. Children are children for a finite amount of time, however the need to eradicate prejudice will be around for an infinite amount of time.

It's enough that parents put their all into raising right minded, independent, intelligent, thoughtful and unprejudiced children. Because those children will be carrying quite the load towards eradication of these prejudices and judgments and f'd up laws as they mature.
So I went on a run, I kicked some things, yelled at the ocean and had a deep hard cry and came back realizing just this LR... thank you.

I will do my best to intervene with other poly folk around here in the hopes of making the law better for my boy and other kids/families. Being identified as a polygamous religious follower is making it illegal to ever live with Mono or have any ceremony to make our bond sacred to us. My boy can be taken away for that reason and my mother will be on the front line when they come to get him, wheeling that law above her head... that is worth fighting against in my humble opinion. I can't see any other choice I have.

I'm sorry that it may mean that the meaning of polyamory is skewed for others, but hopefully it will mean that those that chose to identify with it can also identify with swinging, open relationships... whatever, as well. I don't think it means that will be taken away. I once identified as a polyamorist in an open relationship looking for a poly relationship and doing some swinging on the side. Maybe this is just where it will end up, I don't know.
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