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Originally Posted by StitchwitchD View Post
Very true. I know way more than I ever wanted to know about how broken our child protection/foster care system is in this country, and I feel like parents basically surrender all right to privacy from the day their first child is conceived until the last child turns 18.

Mandatory reporters have to report anything that they suspect might be child abuse or neglect, and CPS is required to investigate all of those reports, as well as any from anonymous tip lines, which could be well-meaning but misinformed, or could be someone with a vendetta lying to use CPS as a weapon in a personal conflict (seriously- my ex reported all my local friends to CPS in the months after I filed for divorce, and CPS had to take his claims of people having orgies in front of foster children seriously and do a thorough investigation.)

Combine this with the fact that we're in a recession, and actual child abuse goes up when parents are stressed out by money problems, and actual child neglect goes up when families can't afford to provide for their children's basic needs, and you have social workers who are overworked and have to make snap decisions based on too little information, frequently more their impression of people than any real facts. So, there's been cases where they decided that the child was safe in the home because the house was really clean, and didn't notice that the child was malnourished until it came up on the autopsy after the child was murdered, and there's been other times where families were torn apart because they were some combination of poor, non-white, and didn't keep their house clean enough to pass inspection 24/7.

But the people who know how CPS works enough to have a problem with it have too much to risk to make much of a stink about it, so most Americans still believe that as long as you aren't doing anything wrong, there's nothing to fear from CPS.

Oh, looking around I found a link to an agency that fights to defend sexual privacy rights.
You hit that nail on the head several times over! I'd be interested in any concrete ideas for what we can (as people) start doing to make changes in this. Unfortunately it won't be a quick fix-but the more information we can share the sooner we can make changes become realities instead of dreams!

I'm going to check out that link!
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