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Originally Posted by matellas View Post
...I really didn't think I would be able to do this.

...I was against it with him. It's that with someone who she has been sharing an open honest relationship was him and not me. I confirmed that last night when the three of us were at the bar and I ended up looking through her text messages from him. She had been promising me that he was unaware of her feelings and that nothing had nor would take place until her and I could take the time to research together and talk and build a stronger communication/relationship between us. In her texts there were messages about how much he wanted to hold her again and touch etc.

I left the bar after confronting her and him about it and went home. She showed up some time later to pack some of her clothes and go stay with him. I asked her about why she hadn't been honest about what was in her texts before and she told me that she didn't think I could handle it. She was right, to a point. I couldn't handle the thought of knowing what's going on feelling like it was behind my back but I could handle the brutal honesty and at least feel like we could have a chance to be on the same page together.
Oh that sucks! All this bullshit she was handing you, while she had already cheated and betrayed you!

See what putting people on a pedestal will get you?

She sounds very selfish and like someone who only wants what she wants and is unable to see that there are other things in this world that are more important than getting her way. I feel sorry for her.

You will be okay. I hope you are able to take care of yourself and your kids, and move on. She sounds like the only thing she can offer you is drama and pain.
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