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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Did she ever come and read this thread?

Is she moved entirely out now ?
She never read any of the thread. On (Sunday?) when I found her book The Ethical Slut, she said that she got the book because everything she found on the internet was garbage. Though she read about 10 pages out of the book and stopped and was done.

As for her moving out, she picked up a few things last night. That went terrible. I tried talking to her last night when she came home after we had been both been drinking heavily. She just kept telling me that I told her to get out and that's what she is doing. I told her let's talk about it first and go from there and in the process I got slapped upside the head, punched and kicked for standing in her to the bedroom. My fault for trying to stop her from going in but she shuts down and won't listen when she gets angry. I never touched or did anything physical I just kept begging her to stop when she started hitting me. I'm at work for most of the day today and she's off all day. There is this app on our phones were you can check in at different locations for points and see where your friends are checking into. She isn't checking in but he is. I'm sure they are together and the last place they were was at lunch just an hour ago after getting coffee. So after that they may be going back to our place and clearing it out. I guess I will find out when I get off work tonight and go home ...
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