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I do like polyamory getting good press, especially from a source like BBC. However, and I've mentioned this before, I do think that articles that use certain language like, "Polyamory may be the future of love" or of relationships, or whatever, are a bit needlessly sensationalistic.

Thing is...I don't honestly believe that poly is ever going to be what MOST people want to do. And I don't have a problem with that! I just want people to generally accept that love and life come in many shapes and colors and sizes and there is no need to be judgy or feel threatened by that which is different. It's ok if people have a different idea of what "happy" looks like.

I feel that when articles say, "This strange thing that you normal folks don't really see or get, well it's THE FUTURE! So you had better get used to it!"'s poking the "be afraid of this scary unknown!" button. It's a common feature of clickbait articles. Sensationalistic title line.

Besides. It's not "the future." It's now. It's here. People are doing it.

I wouldn't be fussing about this, except this isn't the only article that I've seen, that does this. They float around on Facebook from time to time.
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