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My husband wants DETAILS. He hates being excluded! And I am terrible at keeping secrets! I love sharing things with him, epecially when I'm all aglow -- he actually loves seeing me that happy. Yes, I do look lovely in NRE

Since we are not really out to many people, it is wonderful to have him to talk to. I guess that's weird to some, but it works for us.

My OSO and I cheated behind my husband's back, progressively, for 4 years*. But we never went "all the way," partly because I knew I could not hide THAT excitement, after the fact. Once we got the green light I was absolutely giddy. And so much of that sheer happiness was thanks to my HUSBAND. I felt more loved that day than ever. I never knew how much I could really, really trust him with my deepest feelings. He still struggles with insecurities, but I hope he realizes how much I appreciate what he has done for me.

*The cheating was something I hated doing, but I never knew I could have handled it differently. I fought my heart for years, it was terrible. My husband agreed to open up, and I found the poly forums right after that. The support is awesome! So was my husband's ability to forgive. I am in awe
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