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Originally Posted by Mahogany View Post
I KNOW it is going hurt because of my fears...

He has re-assured me, over-and-over again.....but he is only human...

3. I am afraid of losing him, plan and simple...if I can trust that that will never happen (because of his relationship with her) than I could change my view.

4. I am afraid of his love growing for her....and as a result his love for me waning That if they are physical this will lead to their love growing, which in turn will destroy my bond with him.

my partner is going through this as well. As the poly person in our relationship... I know my feelings will not change, and i have reassured my partner of that... but as much as I reassure - it will never be enough... the proof is in the pudding... at some point you will have to summon up the courage to let it happen and find out.

There may be a period during which it certainly feels as though his love has waned (the NRE period - do a tag search) but that does not mean that is what has happened - it just means he is pre-occupied for a period... again it will be up to you to (figuratively speaking) smack him on the back of the head and make him understand how you are feeling (at which point it is his responsibility to make sure you receive what you need to be reassured)


Good luck.
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