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Originally Posted by Mahogany View Post

My questions are:

1. It hurts so bad to see him touch her, kiss her, show physical love...what do I do to overcome this pain?
You say you like her, could grow a good relationship with her......
Is it possible that this pain you are feeling is a reflection of the fact that it got started without your involvement or approval ?

What if you HAD known up front. Would it have been maybe smoother, less difficult ?

Feeling betrayed (a confidence of any type) leaves a deep wound. The best way to help it heal is to look at where you are TODAY - not yesterday.

Originally Posted by Mahogany View Post
2. I have yet to experience "knowing that he is with her" that they are together while I am at home, and that they are having sex....loving each other, being physical with each other....I know it is going to hurt....what do I do about that?
You "KNOW" it's going to hurt ? How do you KNOW this ?
There's another equally valid option. You could be excited for him/them.
It's absolutely a choice.
Have you already made yours ? Maybe it's not too late to change it !

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