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Default Need Advice...sorry but I have no one else :(

My husband and I have been married for 4 years. Just 1 week ago, he came to me explaining that he is a poly by nature. Now he didn't say that exactly, and in fact, he didn't know what it was or what it was called.

The other woman looked it up and help us learn that it is poly...which led me here to this forum.

My husband had an affair with this girl. She is a wonderful person and I believe I could grow a close friendship with her. But I am angry...frustrated....crying all the time....I can't work, sleep, eat.

I have always been interested in these types of relationships, and part of it turns me on...but I was wired a mono.

I realize now (after reading some post) that I am angry that he and she were sneaking around behind my back. That I am not enough for him (although I have read this is not true) it is hard to not feel this way.

My questions are:

1. It hurts so bad to see him touch her, kiss her, show physical love...what do I do to overcome this pain?

2. I have yet to experience "knowing that he is with her" that they are together while I am at home, and that they are having sex....loving each other, being physical with each other....I know it is going to hurt....what do I do about that?

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