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thank you for the welcome.

dinged, 14 years yes, but from time to time we still feel like newbies. which honestly is what brought me to the forum. i needed a bit of centering, and to glean some encouragement with a current situation. which i am glad to say that i found.
as for how many relationships.... i have had 3 fully invested relationships, and the occasional dating-getting-to-know-and-see-how-it-goes, kind of things, with various levels of intimacy. she has had her share of serious relationships, and dating. I myself am quite lucky to have found the love of my life.

cindie, i am sure we will figure it out as i get to know you guys better. and yours is one of the names i remember from my reading through the forums, but i dont remember the comments, i was in a bit of a deep fog, and fuzzled like you would not believe. so i concentrated on picking up the messages, bits and pieces i needed.

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