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ok yeah that was a bit dorkish, which makes it appropriate.

i myself am a husband, father, artist. as you can see, capitalization escapes me, and as you will see so do apostrophes, except for the odd occasion, and spell check hates me! i also take pride in my dorkitude, and relentless wordsmithing.

my wife of 18 years, and i, have been poly for 13 or 14 years. upon deciding to be open, the only thing we knew about were swingers, but both of us found that our hearts were to big to not share the emotion, and that the emotion made relationships so much more special. our 13th anniversary, we renewed our vows, which were very nicely written, to stress respect, boundless love, and honesty, but not monogamy.

like any other couple, we have had our struggles, and together we get through them.

i went searching for some wisdom in a recent time of internal struggle, and found you all here. there are some members i already respect, and discussions that have helped me back on track to centering myself. thank you.

so for now, hi!
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