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Interesting post immaterial. I have been interested in my fantasies lately also.

Firstly though, I think that women are protective of their genitals because they are entered rather than do the entiring. Something about inviting people into their bodies. It sets up a certain dynamic for sure.

I had an open door policy at one point but found vagrants in the door way and break and enterers when I came to and opened my eyes to what was going on. I spent much time making myself pretty to be enticing to those that might want to be in me. It was bullshit and I feel like an idiot. Not empowered at all. Now I dress nicely in order to be in control and be enticing because I like to look good for myself and those who I have expressed priveledge to enter me. They are dustinquished guests in my castle. The castle I am proud to say is a full of riches and finery rather than a night club or or bar.

Recently I have been thinking about fisting, real dolls, flexi dolls and machines. All around the whole idea of entering others. Interesting you would bring it up. I've been thinking of how I enter others and how I can take the utmost care and respect. Mostly to do with my dominant nature. I want to be good at it and I want those I sub to find comfort in my ability to understand their need for respectful entering.

Thanks for bringing it up immaterial. Always more to think about.
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