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Goddamn freaking bloody hell on toast.

I have this friend who's amazing. The type who dances until dawn, drinks fluffy fruity cocktails with umbrellas, smiles at absolutely everyone all the time, and is just all-around great to be around. She does know about my sexuality, but it really doesn't come up in conversation. She's looking for Mr. Right to settle down and have kiddos, so, in the past, I've mostly just helped her scope out husband material, and we have lots of fun doing it.

So, we've been talking about going out, since we'd almost lost touch and we've both been feeling a little cut off from everyone since graduation. We decided to make plans.

Who does she invite out of effing NOWHERE?


Because she knows that Ella and I are good friends, and the more the merrier!!

In the two hours it took me to come up with a response, Ella emailed, apologizing for the awkwardness.

Bugger, FML, etc.
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