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Default I am not the one telling OP's

what is actually happening to them in their life as if I know better than they from simple reading a paragraph that sort of describes what is happening from one point of view as opposed to accepting that they may have a better idea of the reality that is happening in their real life.

I do make statements about how I see things, from what I have experienced, with a genuine intention of helping them navigate through troubles they are describing with non-monogamous relationships, if anything I point out that they will always be more knowledgeable than I in regards to their own personal relationship.

I try to suggest ways that they can figure out what will work for them, I am not always good at communicating coherently what I am trying to convey, but from my point view my advice is not must follow rules, but closer to helping or teaching people how to figure it out on their own, with the least amount of damage done to their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

I sometimes get caught up in debates and lose focus on the fact that I do want to help people not go through poly hell like I did.

I do try to state that people shouldn't take my advice as objective truth, but yes, I do firmly believe that I may know it or have a better idea of it than some professionals who make their living because they are supposed to be authorities dealing with the same information. I am not saying that to be arrogant, and I will likely soon delete it, because regardless of what I think, I truly believe that people can be taught how to look at their own life, and from their personal view be better guides to themselves in their life than any guru or lifetime of experience could ever guide them.
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