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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
serial, you constantly misunderstand and misconstrue my posts.

I do not say celibacy encourages pedophilia in general. I referred specifically to the Catholic Church, where institutionalized "celibacy" has worked as a cover for condoned pedophila for hundreds of years.
Sorry, this was something I have read/heard elsewhere and it just sounded like you were implying the same thing. I'm not yet completely convinced that all the accusations regarding the Catholic church are not attempts to demonize the church and squeeze money out of it. Of course I wouldn't want to disrespect true victims in any way. It's just that when it seemed like it was about getting the church as an institution to take responsibility, that would provide access to the funds of a wealthy global organization, which would be a motive for generating false claims. I'm not defending the church, per se, only I'm generally suspicious of claims that are potentially lucrative.

Celibacy is a dangerous concept. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature. Also, priests do rape girls and female adult parishioners as well.
It's not like you can starve from avoiding sex the way you can if you don't eat for a long time.

Originally Posted by jasminegld View Post
Evidence shows otherwise. I learned in a sociology class of heterosexual men who were confined in all male populations (prisons, naval vessels, military deployments) who engaged in same sex behavior for the purpose of sexual release because that was the only option available to them. These men did not identify themselves as either gay or bisexual. They all returned to completely heterosexual lives as soon as they left the all-male environments and had access to wives, girlfriends, and female dating partners. They simply had no other options during that period of time. All these men were supposed to be celibate at the command of other people; not by their own choice.
Why not just masturbate if you don't want to have sexual contact with other men?

To me, this says that celibacy MUST be freely chosen to have positive value without unintended consequences.
Since sexual intercourse requires consent to be legal and ethical, celibacy is sometimes the only option available.

I disagree with Magdlyn about the Pope. It's much more complicated than that description. And the Pope is not here to defend himself.

I don't like this conversation about "those other people" who aren't here to defend themselves. I wish we'd talk about ourselves and our own issues, instead of critiqueing other people.
well said. It's not about defending the guilty but resisting making assumption on the basis of hearsay.
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