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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
The idea that it is more spiritual to be celibate came from Paul, who seemed to have trouble dealing with his sexual urges. Humans back then were suspicious of any woman having power. Therefore Christianity became anti-woman, anti- sex, and wholly patriarchal (thanks, St Augustine!), despite Jesus' different attitude towards women as found in the gospels.
You seem to be assuming that celibacy is necessarily "anti-woman, anti- sex, and wholly patriarchal." Both men and women can practice celibacy, and I don't even see celibacy as an absolute thing - it's more like an ideal of abstaining from sexual activities and thoughts when possible. Celibacy, imo, can enhance the joy of sexuality by rarifying it; the way eating certain foods less often renders them as special treats whose flavor becomes more intense because it's not something you get desensitized to by consuming everyday. Ultimately, I also think celibacy/abstinence can result in sexual energy finding its way into other expressions. Furthermore, the ability to resist sexual desire makes it easier to choose to decline the sexual opportunities that present themselves if they're not really what you want for whatever reason. Sexual domination is often recognized as a problem, but isn't sexual submissiveness just as much so? If practicing celibacy/abstinence helps free people from sexual submissiveness and vulnerability to sexual domination, isn't that a positive effect?
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