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Just a quick checkin, regarding the whole situation. After a terrible 2 month long relationship with a woman (one where this person actually blamed "E" for breaking us up - which makes no sense) "B" and I decided to go to a local scifi convention. On the drive up we were just chit chatting and she asked about "E"'s "boytoy". I told her they werent together anymore, which lead her to ask me about my previous relationship. After the whole story, she said something along the lines of "no one really understood why you were dating her anyway, she was pretty loopy even for you!". Out of the blue she starts asking more poly questions...

We had a great time at the con and it felt very natural.. Everyone has noticed how her body language changes when I am around. Here is the kicker - she is now in a relationship that, no one understands. The guy is annoying! He gets really defensive around me ( "B" and I pick and poke at each other)..

Everytime we are at dinner, or we go to a group event, I catch her staring at me.

I dunno, it is probably wishful thinking. As far as dating around, ive kinda given up. The pond really sucks out here, but if she asked I would in a heartbeat.

It sucks, because we are good friends, but i start analyzing everything. I'm going out of my head! We sit down last night and her BF doesnt even pay attention to her. So she turns to me...

Being friends in this capacity is really mentally draining, which makes me think putting myself in a voluntary exile may be helpful.

What fo you guys think (sorry about any typos, im on my iPhone)
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