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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I think in the cases where it isn't legally considered rape, the words "violated" and "violation" work best.

I personally think that while there isn't a crime if there is no victim, there can be a victim without a criminal.

In that way, I think someone can be violated without a person being a conscious violator.
I think that makes a lot of sense. I like it.

Originally Posted by london View Post
I don't know about everywhere else, but there are plenty of campaigns and plenty of advice given in this country about how to avoid being a victim of credit card fraud yet I don't know if any movement which claims this is victim blaming and protests in order to get the focus shifted onto the perpetrators.
To me, the important factor is when the "advice" happens. "Stay with friends and avoid the sketchy part of town" is education. "Well of course you got raped. You were outside after dark in a short skirt. What did you expect?" is victim blaming.

In other words, making it sound like the rapist had "every excuse" to rape someone is victim blaming. There's a huge difference between telling people how to minimize their chances of getting raped, and telling people that they basically deserved to get raped because they didn't minimize their chances.

Also, the blame in credit card fraud is already focused on the perps. Cops don't generally respond to little old ladies by telling them it's their fault they got their identity stolen. And despite that, usually it's the victim who has to pick up the pieces, unless they have kick ass ID theft insurance. Frankly, I would be in favour of a justice system that allows rape victims to find their own justice. Anyone got a sharp dull, rusty knife handy?
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