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Smile Polyamory Documentary Project

Hello, my name is Lindsey Mazur, and I am a Film & Video major studying downtown at Columbia College Chicago. Loving the city!

I am not a polyamorist myself, however I have been intrigued by the idea ever since a polyamorist panel came in to talk about their relationships last year in my psychology class.

I understand I am not the sort response you were looking for, but I have been having some difficulty finding polyamorist couples to openly want to discuss their lifestyles. Again, while I am not a polyamorist, I find the idea fascinating and just another way of maintaining healthy relationships!

For my Moving Image Production class, we are supposed to choose a topic that interests us and is something we would like to learn more about. I am currently in the pre-production phase hoping to get my thesis green-lit within the next couple weeks. I was wondering if there would be any chance I could talk with you a little bit about what polyamory is like for you, and how it is normalized in your minds.

My doc premise revolves primarily around the focus that polyamory is not swinging or "playing," but it is rather a healthy alternative to monogamy. I do not, in any way, want to shine a negative light on polyamory. Rather, I want to present this documentary with the confidence that the common stereotype is not the only way couples define their polyamory.

I understand if you would feel uncomfortable talking with me, but I would really love to learn more about your lifestyle and get some great, firsthand experience on what it is like to be poly.

Whether you are interested or not, I'd love a reply as soon as you can! Just trying to get all of my resources together within the next couple days. My email is, hope to hear back from you soon!

Thanks for your time,
- Lindsey
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