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LR and I are actually discussing this ( sorta ) topic. Marriage that is. To me Marriage holds a symbol of rank in the commitment of love. Lr does not believe in ranking love.

I understand her point of view about this matter and I dont fault her for being who she is. On the other hand I am ME and I have to be true to myself best that I can. I havent worn my wedding band in a few months ( accept on special occasions).

The thing is, other than the financial benifits and the security of the kids, What does being married matter? I will care and love for LR anyways. Im commited to her and will remain so. So honestly, what besides mortal worldly benefits ,does a piece of paper and a cerimony mean?

Sorry if I sound cynical. Im struggeling with this concept right now and .......Just Dazed and Confused Life of Maca
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