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Originally Posted by MindfulAgony View Post
the relationship form is just the vehicle through which the drama played out.

But, it's not monogamy's "fault." Instead, it's the particular match between my own sets of abilities, preferences and neurosis that made it not particularly suitable.

what I do fault is the lack of widespread awareness and acceptance
ok, we go through what we need to "grow up" within our precious re-newal so that symptons and signals get the same "weight" and it's definitely up to us to chose from within our awarness and Presence;..but i wanted to add that neurosis in particular is brought up whenever sourroundings force us to deny ourselves what's natural that we would reach; it's obviously more difficult being Present when "associations" are confused with someone less "alert" than we are*.
usually i don't like the word "blame" 'cause i balance more on responsability and awareness in counsciousness (?! ehm, i chose the right words, i hope..), but we may not deny that every effect comes from one/more cause, inner or external; about "mariage" and sex we know that the most part of neurosis comes from a thousands years imposed external institution. and we still deal with it sooo much!

Originally Posted by Minxxa View Post
After that it all just depends on how well you choose your partners to match the type of relationship you want to have...
*yes, do we want to say it's also about "personal structure" and/or karma?!
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