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I think it's still the same response.

People may try something out and find it doesn't suit them, their preferences, predilections, etc. Or find that it brings out their worst behaviors, fears, and or tendances... Regardless, it's about fit or about behavior... the relationship form is just the vehicle through which the drama played out.

This is how I think of my experience with monogamy. But, it's not monogamy's "fault." Instead, it's the particular match between my own sets of abilities, preferences and neurosis that made it not particularly suitable.

In a more general sense, what I do fault is the lack of widespread awareness and acceptance of a broader set of choices. Not having (or not perceiving that I have) a choice of relationship style was to blame; not being supported in finding the right relationship form that best suited my and my partner(s) personality, preferences etc. and being able to "re-choose" at any time (because things change) would be the culprit to blame as "at fault."
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