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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
I think you did the right thing in that lunch conversation...and what you suggested makes a great deal of sense to me. Have her move out ...let everyone take a break ...pull back a little to casual dating and explore how you to move forward. Really smart play...good job.

I'm little confused ... She can't imagine you dating or bare the thought you being sexual with others but it OK for her and the other guy.

Sounds like this other guy is poly ? that correct. If so how many relationships does he have currently? And why is that OK?
Thanks for the support. I honestly didnt mean for it to come out then and it kills me to watch her cry especially from my own words but I couldn't help but get it all out to her at once.

As for her having diffuculty with me being with another girl I think in her mind again that she has this very utopian? view of how this should work out. But only when it is concerning her. That sounds worse than I mean it to though. I think she was thinking that we could all be friends and it would all work out.

This guy as far as I know has no other relationships. He moved here from Colorado with his ex wife and kid and her boyfriend. Supposedly they were all living togther until he started running out of money then she (ex) kicked him out. I guess he never sees his daughter much anymore and his daughter calls the boyfriend dad and calls him by his frist name. From the few talks he and I have had he has said he was involved in a other relationships with swingers and alluded to being in a poly relationship at one point. That's about as much as I know about him though on that.
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